Environmental Policy

The successful campaigns, exhibitions and attractions conducted during Green Communication have established the environmental chain of knowledge, working environment and partner network, the result of which is that we can present our programmes to several people in a cost-effective way. 





In spite of the series of warning signs, people have been unable to improve the condition of the environment; therefore, the collective work of ÖKO-Pack has also become increasingly necessary. Apart from its main activity, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is versatile, with which ÖKO-Pack aims to promote: 

  • the awareness of the public and the improvement of environmental awareness;
  • the preservation of landscape values and cultural traditions;
  • the improvement of the condition of the environment and the protection of the natural environment;
  • the improvement of garden culture and the development of knowledge related to eco-culture;
  • the popularization of rural tourism;
  • the extension of possibilities to establish local and regional communities.





In the protection of the built and natural environment, ÖKO-Pack Non-profit Ltd.:

  • has developed its environmental educational programme, called “Green Collar Workers for the Future”, which includes the educational experience of ÖKO-Pack as well as the elements of awareness-raising programme; 
  • kifejezésre juttatja minden tevékenységében, megnyilvánulásában elkötelezettségét, felelősségérzetét a környezet  védelméért;
  • expresses its commitment and sense of responsibility for the protection of the environment in all its activities and manifestations;
  • examines the effects of its activities on the environment and evaluates as well as modifies them based on the aspects of sustainable development and environmental protection;
  • aims to use energy efficient and environmentally friendly techniques and methods, which is also required by its colleagues and partners;
  • seeks for those solutions and good practices which prefer the prevention of waste generation, the popularization of separate waste collection and the use of recycled material; in addition, it popularizes all these in its business relations and Corporate Social Responsibility activities;
  • broadcasts and forwards the fact, events and results of Corporate Social Responsibility to all its partners and communication networks in the hope that it will generate followers and cooperating partners;
  • apart from the tasks deriving from its main activities, it has undertaken pioneer tasks in the field of environmental protection raising awareness by establishing unique communicative ideas and platforms based on the principles of project pedagogy;
  • continuously improves the activities related to the environmental protection raising awareness while flexibly harmonizing them with home regulations, technical improvements and pedagogical results;
  • constantly aims to establish relationships with which the work of institutions and organizations operating in the field of environmental protection raising awareness can be harmonized and coordinated for the purposes of efficiency and saving.




The colleagues of ÖKO-Pack as well as the activists and volunteers of green organizations belonging to its sphere contribute to the theoretical and scientific knowledge with practical experience, the revaluation of which makes it easier to be presented to the public and media in a much more effective and suggestive way as well as they can be easier applied in everyday life.

Environmental educational programme entitled “Green Collar Workers for the Future”

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