No spam, please!

Put the sticker on your post-box and combat together for the environment!
Don’t you want spam? 

You too, you have enough of unwanted flyers and advertiser papers filling up your mailing-box? Sure, hard to find among them the real letters, official notifications, sometimes you may not succeed at all… This is the best moment to change it!
For many years now, working on awareness-raising projects and professing real CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Eco-pack Ltd. has been developing the possible environment-friendly steps easy to do by anyone, also spreading the best practice ideas. After the well-known Climate Change Mindmap we lance our new campaign: the „No spam, please!” stickers are available for those who have cold shivers of loads of dodges, flyers and useless „newspapers” full of advertisement.
When you put the sticker on your letter-box, you will save yourself and the environment 26 kg of paper a year, which would be made of approximately 80 kg of wood.

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