ECO-Pack Playhouse

Playful learning about recycling, conscious shopping, and composting

Our company, ECO-Pack Nonprofit Ltd is an active performer in popularizing recycling not just with organising the „Waste to Product Exhibition” and the Mirror to the World Exhibition” but with its own Playhouse.

The ECO-Pack Playhouse is a environmental educative teaching kit for children and adults. It is playful, entertaining project that advert attention to environmental problems and introduces mehods and solutions how we can reduce environmental depletion and gives positive attitude toward our environment. 

 ECO-Pack Playhouse in Nagybajom

Our games are interactive, using physical, mental skills that can be adapted both in indoor and outdoor events. The duration of one game is about 2-15 minutes that offers fun time for younger generation too. The games develop the following skills and scopes: concentration, logical thinking, separation, recycling, perceptibility, memory, physical skills, coordination, balancing sense, autonomuous thinking, cooperative skills.  

Waste Chronometer

Waste fishing

Where we go with the Playhouse ad with the other environmental projects?

  • Family days
  • School and company events
  • Team buildings
  • Professional conferences, fairs

Should this short introduction raise your interest plese apply and cooperate with us! Our main motivation is to play with as many people as possible and pass our message about environmental practices and nature protection to them.


The program covers every generation, children are awaited with colourful, cheerful games while adults can put through their paces in more complex activities in envrionment protection and waste management. While children are taken care by our kindergarden pedagogues and school teachers and animators the parents have the possibility to talk with our project leader and test their knowledge through waste-lottery. 

Our questions can be tricky to adults too. Here are some examples:

  • What kind of animal is on the hatchment of Natura protection?
  • Rate all of our National Parks!
  • What kind of products are made of plastic? 

Naturecycle, life of a tin can

Waste Twine

Select together!

Play Composting

Discussions with adults serve as an excellent mirror about the society’s attitude toward recycling. There is a geographical deviation but it always turns out that the lack of precise and sufficient information is still a missing point. Our aim is to reduce the level of mis or non-communication and teach the right way of waste management at a residential level. Our educative and informative materials offers a good side-aid that are offered for free at the events and on our website too.  

 Waste to Producteducative movie(with english subtitle)

Mirror to the World educative movie (with english subtitle)

No flyer please! stickers

Our main messages:

„Waste is ot garbage, you can recycle, separetely it is a useful material and it spares our natural resources!”

„Separated waste is not taken to normal landfills but after recycling it will be used for new products!”

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NatuREcycle game description

Click here to download the NatuREcycle game materials

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